Shareholder Certificate - Artist Edition

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Since 2008 KmikeyM has been guided by the invisible hand of the market as choices are put up for shareholder vote using the model of a stock market to create a crowd sourced decision making engine.

Now for the first time, in this limited edition 11x14 print designed by artist (and shareholder) Kriss Knapp, there is a physical shareholder certificate. Each print is individually numbered and signed by the publicly traded person. 

A fantastic gifts for financial advisers, investors, or clients, or for any existing shareholder to hang on their own wall. This unique document is a way to display the innovation and connection of the shareholder community to KmikeyM, the world's first publicly traded person.

⚠️ FOR A LIMITED TIME: Initial sales will include 10 shares of KmikeyM to be added to your account.

We will ship (and frame) as soon as possible but if you need it by a specific date get in touch. Also, while they make fantastic gifts, you should just buy one for yourself.

About Kriss Knapp

Kriss Knapp is an artist working in available materials. She is often inspired by patterns in nature, molecular biology, and biomorphism. You can see more of her work on Instagram @KrissKnapp or subscribe to her Substack.

Print and Frame Options

Certificates are printed at Umico, a gallery and print shop in Los Angeles, CA, on Red River Paper's polar matte paper, a heavy 60lb acid-free paper in a beautiful soft white. 

Umico is also a fantastic frame shop, and for $195 total you can get the print sent in a Umico built black, white, or natural wood frame. (If you're interested in other custom framing options you can get in touch.)